Solar Ventures


Solar Ventures funds and manages solar photovoltaic (PV) installations for commercial customers.  We bring innovative business and ownership structures for providing clean, green, solar-generated electricity to customers who cannot afford the capital cost of a PV installation, or who do not own the property where their business is located.  Solar Ventures provides investors with a stable, annuitized return on investment that exceeds the return/risk profile of virtually any current other fixed-income investment.

What are the benefits of a PV installation for an investor or commercial property owner?

    30% Federal income tax credit (unlimited)

    10% Arizona income tax credit (up to $25,000)

    Accelerated (5-year) depreciation

    Significant utility incentives

    Income from electric power produced.

Our installation subsidiary, Industrial Solar, LLC, can cost-effectively design and install your PV system.

Contact us for more information about how investment in a PV system can provide a high, fixed-income return for you.

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